Workshop Venue

Opening Remarks       General chair: Dr. Toyohiro Chikyow (NIMS)


1st Session Chair: Dr. Martin L. Green (NIST)


Plenary Talk (PL-1)
Accelerating Materials Development through Rapid Analysis of Experimental Data using Machine Learning based Tools
Dr. John Perkins (NREL)


Plenary Talk (PL-2)
Overview of Materials Informatics Project in Japan
Dr. Satoshi ITOH (NIMS)

Coffee Break

Invited Talk (I-01)
Introduction to the Chinese MGI and high-throughput materials research
Prof. Kui Jin (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Invited Talk (I-02)
Attaining the Promise of MGI by Combining HiTp Experimentation with Artificial Intelligence
Dr. Apurva Mehta (SLAC National Accelerator Lab)

Oral Presentation (O-01)
Next Generation Materials Genome Research at NIST
Dr. Martin L. Green (NIST)

Oral Presentation (O-02)
Building a Collaboratory for High-Throughput Experimental Materials Science

Dr. Zachary Trautt (NIST)


Invited Talk (I-03)
Materials discovery in multinary thin film and nanoparticle libraries
Prof. Alfred Ludwig (Ruhr-University Bochum)

Invited Talk (I-04)
Combinatorial sputter coating technique combined with materials informatics for development of thermal related energy materials
Dr. Masahiro Goto (NIMS)

Oral Presentation (O-03)
High Throughput Experimental Materials Database
Dr. Andriy Zakutayev (NREL)



Oral Presentation (O-04)
Autonomous X-ray Diffraction System for Accelerated Combinatorial Phase Diagram Mapping
Dr. Brian DeCost (NIST)

Oral Presentation (O-05)
Scanning Kelvin Probe and Scanning Droplet Cell Microscopy as Complementary Screening Tools for Combinatorial Material Libraries
Prof. Achim Walter Hassel (Johannes Kepler University Linz)

Invited Talk (I-05)
Combinatorial Experimentation and Machine Learning for Materials Discovery
Prof. Ichiro TAKEUCHI (University of Maryland)

Invited Talk (I-06)
Material Development by Integrated Approach of Combinatorial Experiments, High-Throughput ab-initio Calculation and Explainable AI (XAI)
Mr. Yuma Iwasaki (NEC Corporation)

Oral Presentation (O-06)
An Inter-Laboratory High Throughput Experimental Materials Study of Sn-Zn-Ti-O
Dr. J. R. Hattrick-Simpers (NIST)

Oral Presentation (O-07)
Combinatorial Material and Device Optimisation of Tunable Dielectrics for Smart Microwave and Millimetre-Wave Systems
Prof. Brian E. Hayden (University of Southampton)


Oral Presentation (O-08)
Electrocatalytic compositional mapping of copper-alloy libraries for sensor applications
Prof. Andrei Ionut Mardare (Johannes Kepler University Linz)

Oral Presentation (O-09)
Polymer Blend and Composite Library Preparation from Hot Organic Solutions
Prof. Carson Meredith (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Invited Talk (I-12)
Combinatorial Development of Copper Based Bulk Elastocaloric Materials
Prof. Jun Cui (Iowa State University)

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Poster Session