COMBI2018 finished successfully.
We deeply appreciate all participants, Exhibitor and Sponsor.

Pictures during the workshop period can be seen from the following site.
COMBI2018 Photo 3rd October
COMBI2018 Photo 4th October
COMBI2018 Photo 5th October

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 The 10th International Workshop on Combinatorial Materials Science and Technology (COMBI2018) will be held at the Mielparque Yokohama Hotel in Japan from 3rd October 2018 to 5th October, 2018.

 The past 17 years, to encourage the high throughput experimentation, we have been organizing the series of the Workshop on Combinatorial Materials Science and Technology from 2000. The 1st Japan-US Workshop on Combinatorial Materials Science and Technology was held at Maui island in Hawaii in2000. After this workshop, the succeeding Workshops were held in US, Europe Japan and Australia every two years. In Japan, 3rd Japan-US and 6th International workshop were held at Naha in Okinawa in 2004 and Rusutsu in Hokkaido in 2008. The main topics were high-throughput apparatus for materials preparation, evaluation and the functional materials exploration. Recently, other topics such as functional materials prediction using DFT calculation, first principle calculation and materials informatics were involved. Especially the materials informatics became one of the hot topics, stimulated by the Materials Genome Initiative started in 2011 in US.

 We will organize the workshop to encourage the discussion about the topics with researchers who have different research background in field of various kinds of functional materials exploration by using high-throughput technology, chemical calculation, and materials informatics.

     Detailed topics to be covered are :

  • Materials Informatics and/or Genome including Machine Learning
  • High-throughput experimentation
  • Polymer and Molecular design by MI
  • Catalysis & Environmental materials
  • Electronic, Energy and Sensor materials
  • Alloy & Oxides

 We welcome participants from many countries, and provide opportunity for attendees to touch the cutting edge results, knowledge and seeds for the future to deepen their understanding. We sincerely hope you will attend COMBI2018.

 The official language of this conference is English.

 We look forward to seeing you in Yokohama, one of the exiting city where the history, culture and modern technology are fused.