Special Talk (S-1)
General and personal history of combinatorial materials science and catalysis
Prof. Wilhelm Maier (Saarland University)

Invited talk (I-07)
High-throughput experimentation in polymer research: From new pharmapolymers to nanoparticle libraries and new battery materials
Prof. Ulrich S. Schubert (Friedrich Schiller University Jena)

Oral presentation (O-10)
High-Throughput Synthesis and Characterization of Eu Doped SrxBa2−xSiO4 Thin Film Phosphors
Prof. Brian E. Hayden (University of Southampton)

Oral presentation (O-11)
The Synthesis of Single-chip Superconductor Library with Continuous Tc Gradient
Dr. Jie Yuan (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Invited talk (I-08)
Topological data analysis of magnetic domain structure
Prof. Masato Kotsugi (Tokyo University of Science)

Oral presentation (O-12)
Catalyst Discovery via High Throughput Screening and Machine Learning: Ru based Catalysts for Low Temperature Ammonia Decomposition
Ms. Katie McCullough (University of South Carolina)

Oral presentation (O-13)
Combinatorial Search for IrO2-RuO2-TiO2 system for Chlorine Evolution Electrode Catalyst
Prof. Junpei Sakurai (Nagoya University)

Excursion (HASE-DERA Temple)

Excursion (KOTOKU-IN Temple)

Acknowledgment: Excursion was held with support from ”Kamakura Welcome Guide Association” volunteers.


Banquet (Dinner Cruising by Marine Shuttle)


Best Poster Prize
Dr. Zachary Trautt (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
The Materials Data Curation System

Best Poster Prize
Prof. Akihisa Aimi (Tokyo University of Science)

Automation of Crystal Structure Refinement Using the Rietveld Analysis